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    ‚ÄčDesi's Mini Doxies

    Menifee, Ca          951-288-5909


Karen, You have such friendly dachshunds. I think you have the sweetest ones I've ever met. Fargo is such a sweet heart. We took him all over the place today. We went to SAMs club, Walmart and dicks sporting goods. He got tons and tons of attention. I bought him a new bed and some toys and got Iams food. This is funny. But I bought him a sweater and some red velvet bell bands to put on his feet to deliver him to my parents. Sounds corny but my parents absolutely love him. My 11 year old daughter had to spend the night at my parents house with him. He is going to have a great home. Thank you very much. You have raised some beautiful and sweet pups. I give you lots of credit. I will tell people about you and if I ever get a dachshund, I will keep your number and come to you. I love fargo's personality. Thanks again. Sheri



Hi Karen, Well, so far so good! The puppy was very good on the way home. Some whining here and there, but that was to be expected. Tonight will be a different story, but again, that is to be expected. :) She was amazing at the vet's office - didn't even make a peep when they took her temp, which most little puppies tend to complain about. The vet said she looks great right now. I will be taking her back next week for her next shot. Thanks very much for this little cutie - you did a great job raising her!



Karen, Cody the brindle we got from you is such a joy! We love him very much and so does the other dogs. He has been extremely well with potty training in fact the best, thank you for working with him when he was so little. We get a lot of compliments on how beautiful his colors are too. Sincerely, Susan Robinson



Hi Karen! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much Richard & I marvel every day over how great our dog is. He has such a great little spirit and has fit quite well into our home, he is quite one of the family! He is the most social & fear-free pup when it comes to meeting both people and other dogs--which for a mini doxie is quite amazing! We've tried our best to introduce him to lots of people and dogs, but the fact is he came to us with those traits straight from your house. We attribute that to the fact that he was raised in the center of your home, your excellent care, and all the attention lavished on him by your grandsons--we are truly grateful. I hope you don't mind I've passed your name out to a few of our friends/aquaintences, all of whom were impressed with Julio, too. Hope you are doing well! Julio sends his regards : ) Cheers, Marnee & Richard



Hi Karen, I purchased a longhair red piebald male from you back in Feb. He is truly AMAZING by the way. I was just going thru your website and looking at past litters that you have had and wondering who is parents were? He was born on Oct 25th of last year. I looked thru all your litters and could not seem to find any that quite look like him. We ended up naming him Bogey and he has been a true blessing to our family! (He is huge by the way?.super muscular and looks like a mini basset hound!!) Thank you for your time, Cassie Church

Cassie Church

Satisfied customer

Hi Karen! I just want to say thank you for our little baby boy, he is doing well so far. Paul and I love him very much, I just wanted to let you know all of your puppies are gorgeous. It is great to know you hand raised all of your puppy at your home. Best Wishes, Angie and Paul



Hi Karen it's Andrea, wow, thank you so much again for our new little baby. She's been such a sweetheart since we first brought her home. We ended up naming her Frankie.And she's been so good about being house broken. She is so sweet and well tempered. I am so happy we were able to find you close by. I'll make sure to recommend you for anyone I know looking for a good little Doxie.I just wanted to thank you again. :)



We absolutely love our newest addition Felix aka "Bailey" he has a super personality and his cousin Charly is happy he has someone his size to play with. They are the most beautiful dachshunds I've seen. Thank you for the exceptional care you give these babies.. Look forward to another addition in the future.


Repeat Customer

Hi Karen! Here is a picture of the Sweet & Energetic Puppy we bought from u end of Sept. 2012. We named her Rakkaus W.Wood & Kids call her "Roxie" Her name means "Foolish Love"a Finish name 2 talk about her most unique marking on her Lt. Side, Big Blk.Heart. We love her!